To extend our gratitude, KJazz offered a second pair of tickets for our 2019 KJazz Jingle Jazz Concert. This time to the winner of our New Member Sweepstakes. As mentioned, our 2019 Jingle Jazz Concert took place on December 8th held at the beautiful and historic El Rey Theatre. The concert included acts by GRAMMY®-nominated Mongorama performed with many special guests, all in honor of Jose Rizo’s recent 30th anniversary with 88.1 FM.  

Our 2019 Fall Pledge Drive New Member Sweepstakes Winner was Laurine Tuleja who we would like to welcome to the KJazz community. KJazz reached out to Laurine to learn more about her volunteer work with KJazz and his experience at Jingle Jazz. 

How long have you been listening to KJazz? 

I moved here around 1990 and heard about the station then but didn’t listen much, because I had a hard time getting the signal.  Last year, I discovered that I could easily pick up the station, and I began listening more regularly, especially in the last 6 months. 

We are so delighted Laurine can now listen to KJazz regularly, thanks to the new transmitter we installed at the beginning of last year.  

How did you first discover the station? 

I learned about KJazz through a friend.

Mongorama with special guests Hubert Laws and Dwight Trible, photographer Juan Morse

You were our New Member Sweepstakes Winner for the 2019 KJazz Fall Pledge Drive.  What was your favorite part of the 2019 Jingle Jazz Concert? 

I loved everything that Mongorama did, especially in the 2nd half of the concert.  It was also fun seeing Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the audience.

Who are some of your favorite musicians? 

I am a huge fan of Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Philharmonic, including Dudamel's collaborations across genres.  It was fun to see Herbie Hancock perform with Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Phil last year.  It's been wonderful having Eric Whitacre as the artist in residence with the LA Master Chorale; I was able to attend premiers of two of Eric Whitacre’s major new works during his Master Chorale residency.  Participating with thousands of other amateur choir members in Eric Whitacre’s "Big Sing" event in 2018 was a highlight of my years singing in choirs.

I enjoyed Wynton Marsalis at the Hollywood Bowl, and recently attended the amazing Naturally 7 concert at CalTech. 

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Tell us more about your background . . . .

I sing in the Glendale Community College Concert Singers (one of the college choirs).  I’m involved in my church and enjoy having potluck dinners with friends.  I like going to concerts, especially community and college concerts.  I'm a fan of the Caltech music groups, especially their Orchestra, Wind Orchestra and Jazz Band, as well as music groups at Azusa Pacific University, and the Pasadena Community Orchestra.  I also enjoying attending public science lectures at Caltech.

My father’s grandfather emigrated from Hungary at the turn of the last century.  He was a musician (he played the cimbalom).  He had a band called The Royal Hungarians that played at the big hotels in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.  My father played piano, trombone and saxophone and had a band with high school friends, which played at dances in the 1940s.  I took piano lessons in high school; although I haven’t kept it up the piano, I've continued to enjoy singing in choirs.

Why do you feel that it is important to support KJazz?      

I enjoy the variety of music on KJazz, and learning about the music and the artists from the hosts. The knowledge of the hosts and their engaging personalities make listening to the station more fun than just listening to music online or on CDs.  The hosts are all great – David, Jose and the others.  The online /Amazon world tries to segment us into more of what we already know - "People who purchased/listened to X would probably also like ...."  Listening to KJazz, I hear a broad range of styles, including lots of music with which I was not already familiar, and to which I would not have been directed based on prior purchases or online clicks. There’s Latin jazz, so many African American jazz artists, the big band and swing band era, Count Basie Duke Ellington, the American songbook, and a ton of new music I never would have discovered without KJazz.  That is what’s so great about the radio station.  You get a chance to be introduced to a lot of new and different music, and learn about the music and the artists from the hosts.  Whether it’s old music I didn’t know about before, or new music, I enjoy learning about it through KJazz.

I want to support a station like KJazz.  I work from home a lot and I like the energy that jazz gives me.  The music always perks me up.

In our narrowing online world, it’s great to expand our knowledge and music with a station like KJazz.



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