Last fall, a friend of mine and I had the chance to attend Matilda at the gorgeous La Mirada Theatre.  Matilda is an inspiring Broadway musical based on the original movie Matilda.  The story is about a gifted young girl named Matilda, who is born to parents who show disdain towards their own daughter.  Matilda uses her large intellect and her active imagination to navigate through school and overcome trouble in her home life. Throughout her journey, she builds special relationships with the people around her as they find her light and passion for life both contagious and inspiring. The musical included a dynamic cast of characters, wonderful music, and an admirable storyline that spoke to the youthful and kindred spirits of its audience. 


Although it has been a long time since I watched the original movie Matilda, I recall most of the scenes from the Broadway musical being parallel to the original movie.  Matilda the musical reminded me of my childhood and how thoroughly entertained I was when I first watched the movie as a child.  As a little girl, I also adored the character because I found a few of her traits and experiences similar to mine, such as her love for reading and learning.  The story also reminded me of the sense of freedom and ease in childhood that we often lose touch with in adulthood. And, as others may agree, it is always a good thing when a movie, book, or performance brings one back to a place that once felt like home to the individual.  

As a children’s music teacher, I was most joyous about the children who displayed so much love, talent, and energy in their choreography and singing throughout the musical. The large cast of children definitely created a more youthful atmosphere for the audience as shown by the age demographics and reaction of the audience, making for great family entertainment.  Matilda was filled with a little bit of everything, from comedy and romance to drama. Though I would love to share more about the show, I also wouldn’t want to give away any spoilers. For those interested I would definitely recommend seeing Matilda when you next have the opportunity. 

La Mirada Theatre has been a great partner to KJazz.  We thought we would take the opportunity to get more insight into the mission and history behind the theatre, as well as plans for the future.

What is the mission behind La Mirada Theatre?

La Mirada Theatre aims to enrich, inspire and engage the community through the performing arts. The theatre offers a diverse mix of concerts, musicals, plays, comedy, dance, cultural offerings as well as programs geared towards young audiences.

How would you describe the development of La Mirada Theatre since its birth from a movie playhouse in the 70’s?

La Mirada Theatre was developed by the City of La Mirada with a vision to serve and become an artistic hub to the community.  Since 1977, the state-of-the-art theatre has engaged audiences of all ages and has welcomed over 3 million patrons. La Mirada Theatre continues to produce quality theatre productions, several national tours and is the recipient of many accolades including Tony, Emmy and Ovation Award nominations.  

In which ways has La Mirada Theatre influenced the arts and public engagement within the community of La Mirada?

La Mirada Theatre has engaged the local community by offering a wide variety of affordable programming including a teen series and a children’s series. The theatre is also home to La Mirada Symphony, which supported by the City of La Mirada, offers a series of free concerts each year. Always looking for ways to enrich the audience’s experience, the theatre has offered talkbacks with creative teams, new play readings and historical tours of the theatre. La Mirada Theatre is known as the “jewel of the community” in La Mirada; a cultural hub exposing audiences to art and music they may not have discovered otherwise.  

Where do you envision the future of La Mirada Theatre years from now?

La Mirada Theatre looks forward to continuing to provide first-class entertainment to Southern California audiences. The theatre envisions expanding services to include educational outreach and workshops to further engage theatregoers and children.

How can KJazz listeners support La Mirada Theatre?

We’d love KJazz listeners to visit our website at www.LaMiradaTheatre.com to see what’s happening on our calendar, buy tickets and spread the word. We are offering some incredible musical performances coming up that we think you’ll enjoy! Thank you for your support.


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