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Volunteer work has always acted as an extension of my education beyond the classroom and has played an integral part of my learning experience growing up. As a past volunteer for several organizations, I often don’t expect anything in return for my work; I only hope that my assistance is of some avail to others. So when I volunteered at KJazz for the first time back in October 2018, the least I expected was to be offered an opportunity to work with KJazz. As a new intern at CSULB’s KJazz 88.1FM, a nonprofit organization that entertains and educates the community with straight-ahead jazz music, I feel a mix of emotions anxious, excited, but most importantly blessed to take part in an organization well-known for its philanthropy and community outreach. As an intern, I have the opportunity not only to learn about the marketing/business operations of a nonprofit organization, but also to explore an area of music that I have grown a liking to over the years. As a new member of the team, I have great respect for KJazz’s mission as it demonstrates its dedication to serve its community with what KJazz is widely known for classic jazz music. The following are some highlights I have experienced with my stay thus far with KJazz.

This past October I volunteered for the Fall Pledge Drive, an event encouraging KJazz listeners to show their appreciation and support for the station’s efforts in sharing good music by making generous contributions. In exchange, listeners received flash drives and CDs of legendary soul and classic jazz artists such as Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong and Nina Simone, to name a few. Sweepstake winners were also given an opportunity to enjoy other events hosted by KJazz. Thankfully, the pledge drive was a huge success, surpassing KJazz’s goals and expectations.

Another project that I am currently taking on is researching grants to help raise funds for the radio station in order to make its mission of sharing good music with the community possible. For me, this is an exciting task as I plan to pursue a career in the non-profit world, perhaps on behalf of animals or the youth community. Raising funds is an essential skill in the non-profit sector as it helps provide organizations with the right tools and equipment to extend its platform and continue its mission. I have also had the opportunity to get to know some of the kindest and smartest mentors, like Stephanie and Andy, along with many others who have helped show me the ropes around KJazz and helped make our ideas and vision possible for KJazz and its listeners.

As a fresh intern, I have plenty to look forward to here at KJazz. While my time at KJazz has only begun, I am not only excited to learn more about the team and our mission here at KJazz, but also for the good things we have coming our way. Our current projects will not only allow us to broaden our audience but most importantly, to continue to share good music and make it accessible for the KJazz community and I couldn’t be any more excited.


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