KJazz spread the holiday cheer by hosting Jingle Jazz, featuring Gordon Goodwin’s Little Phat Band, on Sunday, December 9th at the Moss Theater in Santa Monica. KJazz listeners had a chance to donate for tickets during our Fall Pledge Drive, an event that took place mid-October and fortunately proved to be a success as tickets went fast. We would like to thank those who participated with their generous contributions as you all help to make events such as Jingle Jazz possible.

We also gave away a pair of Jingle Jazz tickets to Dan Payne, the winner of the New Member Sweepstakes during our Fall Pledge Drive. KJazz reached out to Dan to hear more about his experience attending Jingle Jazz and about his personal sentiments about the radio station.  

1. How was your experience attending the Jingle Jazz concert?
Overall experience was great. I had to work it into a L.A. County holiday visit, for I live on Catalina Island.

2. What was it like to watch Goodwin’s Little Phat Band perform live?
I don't enjoy BIG concert venues. This was ideal for my tastes.

3. When did you first start listening to KJazz?  What got you into jazz?
Moved to California 22 years ago and have been a regular listener to 88.1 ever since. Grandpa was a HUGE fan of Louis Armstrong. His is one of the voices I imitate in my comedy act.

4. What does KJazz mean to you?
KJazz is one station I can turn on and always hear something I've never heard before, or rarely have heard before. And no commercials.

5. What inspired you to become a new member during our Fall Pledge Drive?
I've benefited from public radio and television all my life but never contributed. I have money now, and finally was able to afford a donation.

6. Why is it important to support KJazz?
Good music, no commercials, intelligent programming...pick two. With my support, I can have all three.


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