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Pedro Martins & Pipoquinha

“Pedro Martins presents an exciting trip which elegantly fuses Pop sensibilities with South American elements, all the while undergoing an undoubtedly jazzy treatment.” – All About Jazz

“Pipoquinha’s music is propulsive, bright and full of energy. What a joy.” –
Percy Mabandu

Vera’s Heartbeat presents the first Los Angeles performance of the Brazilian duo Pedro Martins and Michael Pipoquinha at Blue Whale in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, August 13 at 9 pm. The evening will include the musicians performing classic choros, as well as their original own songs paying tribute to their roots. Pipoquinha will play traditional rhythms from northeast Brazil, where he was born, while Pedro will offer a modern jazz take inspired by his childhood heroes from the state of Minas Gerais.

Laureate of The 2015 Socar Guitar Competition at the 49th Montreux Jazz Festival, Pedro Martins is a “multidimensional” [The Observer] Brazilian multi-instrumentalist/guitarist and vocalist. Meanwhile bass player Pipoquinha draws from his foundation of his first instrument, the guitar, to introduce a unique and gorgeous, Brazilian sound combining harmony with the bass line.

Invited by producer Ivan Capucho to perform for the first time as a duo at the 2016 Choro & Jazz Festival in Jericoacara, northeast of Brazil, Pedro Martins and Michael Pipoquinha are musician’s musicians who perform with magnetism and mastery. Both young men draw on the full spectrum of Brazilian rhythms, giving grace to their musical traditions with a delivery that draws their own musical heroes to lean in (and often even sit in!).

About Pedro Martins

Martins was born in Gama, close to the Brazilian capital; his father, master musician, Oscar Azevedo, taught him to play when he was three. At age six he could play songs on the guitar by ear, by age eight he was studying with Dib Francis, at Escola de Música de Brasília (EMB). At ten, he joined the band Fator RH with Felipe Viegas, by age 18 he was already a solid multi-instrumentalist, playing guitars (acoustic and electric), piano, bass and drums.

Today Martins is known for his collaborations with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Yaron Herman, David Binney, Jacob Collier, and Genevieve Artadi (Knower), as well as jazz greats Hamilton de Holanda, Gabriel Grossi, and Léo Gandelman. In February of this year, Martins released his second album VOX, thirteen jazz-inflected Brazilian rock songs that were result of a two-year-long recording and production process between Martins and legendary jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel (Heartcore Records).

On VOX, Martins showcases his multi-instrumental skills by playing guitar, piano/synths, bass, drums, percussion, flute and singing in falsetto, and is joined by an all-star cast of supporting musicians: Brad Mehldau, Chris Potter, Kyle Crane, Federico Heliodoro, Antonio Loureiro, and his father, Oscar Azevedo. “This album is like a book of stories that have happened in my life,” says Martins in the album’s ‘press materials. “What you can hear is actually my inner voice narrating those stories through the medium of music.” “Writing songs is a way of confessing something,” he says, “a way of conveying all the love I feel about something. I try to write songs that really come from a genuine feeling,” Martins said in an interview with Jazz Times. All About Jazz raved about VOX, “In a mix of big stadium choruses and melancholically layered synth verses, Martins hides an ocean of intricacies that can be explored over and over again.”

Kurt Rosenwinkel had served on the jury which awarded Martins his 2015 Socar Guitar Competition win, and the two artists formed a partnership and friendship that continues to this day. Martins records and tours as a featured member of Rosenwinkel’s Caipi Band and can be heard playing guitar, keyboards, and singing on the 2017 Heartcore Records release Caipi. “When Martins and Rosenwinkel shared vocal lines, they sang as if from a single source of inspiration.” – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

In September of this year, Martins will perform at Eric Clapton’s prestigious Crossroads Guitar Festival with Daniel Santiago. In 2015, Martins and Santiago recorded the impromptu instrumental album Simbiose, and Clapton was so impressed that he invited the duo to his festival, marking the first time Brazilian-style music is featured in its line-up.

About Michael Pipoquinha

Pipoquinha was born in Limoeiro do Norte, in the state of Ceará, northeast Brasil and learned to play guitar and then bass from his father and grandfather. At 13, Pipoquinha became a viral Youtube sensation when he started posting his own homemade videos playing bass. His technique, inspired by Brazilian northeastern rhythms and bass masters like Jaco Pastorius and Nico Assumpção, was so sublime, he ended up being interviewed on one of the biggest Brazilian TV shows, “Domingão do Faustão.”

In 2014 he recorded his first album, Cearensinho, a tribute to his home state produced by one of his idols, bassist Arthur Maia. In 2015, he went to Europe for the first time invited by the program “We’ve Got Talent,” where he performed songs from his first album with the renowned Big Band WDR in Germany.

Pipoquinha has shared the stage with many leading acts around the world including Toninho Horta, Cainã Cavalcante, Nelio Costa, Felipe Silveira, Arthur Maia, Sergio Groove, Jeferson Gonçalves, and Big Time Orchestra. In 2017 he started his own tribute to the master Dominguinhos with Mestrinho and Alex Buch called Trio Seu Domingos. In 2018, he garnered more notoriety through his musical contributions to a tribute to Jaco with the Latvian Radio Big Band at the festival Riga Jazz Stage.

Pipoquinha has just released his second album, Lua, produced by Sergio Haick, with whom he recorded the Brazilian instrumental music album Nosso Mundo. Lua features performances by Brazilian masters Toninho Horta, who wrote a song for the album, and Yamandu Costa.

Pipoquinha has performed in leading festivals in Brazil and around the world like Brazil Fortaleza Bass Festival, Guaramiranga Jazz & Blues Festival, Rio das Ostras Festival, Diamantina Jazz Festival, Rigs Ritmi, Gospel Jazz Festival, and Power Trio Festival, among others.


Friday, August 9, 2019



Blue whale
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St, Ste 301
Los Angeles, CA 90012